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Youth Let’s Talk about Back to School Stress

Topic: Minimizing stress on youth’s mental health created by Covid-19 and back to school anxiety through dialog and education program (BSSR).  

Benefits include:  Friends networking, professional relationships and advice  from educators

Program necessities: Based on the fact that many youths have lost their parents, grand-parents or guardians through the deadly virus aka Covid-19, coupled with back to school stress. Youth in our community need any support they can get. Please, join us.  

Program highlights: BSSR will provide the participants the opportunity to express their experiences, feelings and concerns through dialog and conversation.

  • Forum to connect and share experience with other youth: Mental health problem can be debilitating when people are going through it all alone.
  • Talk to professionals: Since youths have a tendency of quick emotional reaction in an overwhelming situation venting can release the stress
  • Speakers: Youth peer-counsellors, Social works, & Community leaders

Date: Fridays at 5pm starting on November 13, 2020

Location: Virtual

This program will run on Friday Evenings at 5pm on Virtual and in person by appointment only.

Registration is REQUIRED.

For more information contact our office at 647-427-4898 or Info@ynotservices.org

Coordinator: Paul Oha (BSW)