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Julia Riccobene Excellence in Community Service Award

Applications for this Award are now OPEN

Applications should be 3-5 pages and are to be submitted online via the YNOT Website following the listed criteria below.

The Award Amount:

Group Recipents of the award will receive $1,500 
or an Individual Recipent will receive $1,00

Application Deadline:

The Deadline for Submission of the Application is June 30th, 2019


Should you have any questions, please contact the YNOT Office.

Award Criteria:

The criteria for the Award are as follows...

  • Individual or group (12 years old and above) who show voluntary collaboration and engagement with the surrounding community or within YNOT’s community that have a positive social, civic, cultural, or environmental impact, and supports values of equity, diversity and inclusion and are in financial need. Stand alone Individuals and everyone in a team must demonstrate:
  • well-roundedness in academic performance with overall average grade for each student of “good to excellent scores.”
  • a passion for music, dancing/singing, playing a musical instrument, theater, drama, sports
  • good role model in volunteerism and collaborative effort
  • needs financial support to pursue her/his education and/or facilitate relevant activities.
  • These contributions can focus on one or more of the related examples.
  • Contributing toward YNOT’s role as a youth-focused community organization by addressing issues of youth empowerment, self esteem, life skills, civic engagement, cultural or environmental concern, music, dance, drama and theater programs, singing, and/or playing of a musical instrument, sports
  • Addressing issues of social or public concern affecting youth
  • Building capacity of individuals, groups or organizations in YNOT’s community
  • Having a positive impact on the lives and well being of those involved in community partnerships
  • Supporting and demonstrating values of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • In a financial need to support described activities

Youth Now on Track Services (YNOT) Organization

The Julia Riccobene Award of Excellence in Community Service